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Qente Spanish School in Cusco

Our Spanish School has highly trained teachers with extensive experience in teaching the Spanish language, ensuring a high level of learning and staying on the cutting edge of educational developments. In addition, the spacious and comfortable facilities will ensure that our students’ experience is complete and satisfactory.

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Qente is a Spanish Language School, which has had its foundations years ago, but now by reinventing ourselves we have managed to achieve an optimum educational proposal, with more experience and above all with more vision in the teaching of Spanish at its different levels.

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Qente is a Spanish Language School in Perú, which has had its foundations years ago, but now by reinventing ourselves we have managed to achieve an optimum educational proposal, with more experience and above all with more vision in the teaching of Spanish at its different levels, carefully choosing each of our courses and programs with innovative teaching proposals and meeting the quality standards for the satisfaction of each of our students.

Our Spanish School in Cusco, has highly trained teachers with vast experience in teaching the Spanish language, thus ensuring a high level of learning, being always at the forefront of new developments in the educational field, in addition, the spacious and comfortable facilities will make the experience of our students is complete and satisfactory.

Qente is located in the historical center of Cusco, a magical city located in the south of Peru, our sacred and mystical city, navel of the world, is recognized worldwide, for being the political and territorial center of the Inca Empire, considered the capital of the Empire of the Incas with a great historical and architectural legacy, having the visit of millions of tourists every year to enjoy its splendor. Cusco is surrounded by beautiful green valleys with geographical variety from natural mountain ranges and reliefs with imposing tourist attractions, culture, tradition and faith still latent, without doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world.



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Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world, and with a tendency to keep growing, learning it will allow you to communicate with more than 400 million people and travel to many beautiful countries like Peru in South America, besides discovering the wonders and diversity of the Spanish speaking world, you will have a linguistic ability that will be very useful in many areas, such as professional, cultural, tourism and more.

Our online Spanish classes are the perfect option, whether you start from the basic level or if you want to continue progressing, since we offer courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and always following the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) for each of the learning levels, which is of great importance in language teaching, since it is the international standard that defines linguistic competence and is used all over the world.

Students at Qente will not only enjoy the lessons taught by our native teachers, but having a vast experience in the educational field, they will make this experience unique, having the level of interaction offered by traditional face-to-face classes, thanks to the technology and modern tools they use, being able to participate in group and individual classes or both and at the same time making friends while learning this magnificent language.

  • Learn at home
  • Basic, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Native-speaking teachers
  • Language resources
  • Flexible schedules
  • Individual and groupal lessons
  • Conversational
  • Vocabulary and basic grammar
  • Learning with real situations
  • Cultural information
  • Inca´s culture and more.

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Events in cusco

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Ollantaytambo Festival

Ollantaytambo, Feast of the Three Kings, religious processions, great folk dances


San Sebastian Festival

San Sebastian, religious festival of the town's patron saint, great folk dances, food and fruit tasting.



Province of Canas, district of Yanaoca (Community of Checa). A ritual struggle between the people of the communities of Checa and Quehue who fight each other in war games to stimulate the fertility of the land.


Toqto Fights

Province of Chumbivilcas, District of Livitaca (Toctopata) Cusco. They are held in Toqto, a town located between the districts of Yanaoca and Livitaca. They are 3 days of fighting and performances of the past when people fought to gain more land.

Most frequent questions and answers

There are many recognized Spanish schools in Peru such as our Qente Spanish School in Cusco as well as in other tourist cities such as Arequipa, Lima and Trujillo.
To learn Spanish in Peru, we must not only focus on learning grammar, but we must also practice the Spanish language a lot and have good conversational classes, constant ear training such as watching movies in Spanish, learning songs in Spanish or reading a simple book in Spanish and above all applying everything learned in everything that students want to do
Normally all Spanish schools in Cusco offer classes for adults, but at Qente Spanish School we not only offer these courses for adults, but also a specialized course only for children and adolescents, each one focused on the interests of their age.
Of course, we have the best immersion programs in Peru for seniors, at Qente spanish school with this program not only students will learn the language but they will be able to practice it with their host family and in the different tourist visits that they have every weekend, enjoying the Rome of America-Cusco.
Qente Spanish School, offers you the best personalized classes in Perú, based on each of your needs and goals, achieving an optimal result.
Studying Spanish in Peru is very beneficial for students who do not speak this language since Peru is one of the countries in South America where they speak the language better, without strong accents and with very clear pronunciation, at Qente Spanish School all our teachers they are native speakers with specializations in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, which will make this cultural educational experience unforgettable for our students.
Any language is learned overnight, but at Qente Spanish School students can find a survival course, where they can learn the most basic and important things to master the Spanish language and be able to communicate quickly.
At Qente Spanish School there are several volunteer programs such as social work with children, work with animals, social work in clinics and hospitals in the city, work in orphanages and more; which our students can combine with their Spanish classes, easily choosing the most appropriate times, being able to help and at the same time learn Spanish.

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